Lazy Sunday

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Another week has passed so time for a Sunday recap of what has been happening on the blog this week…

In my beauty post you could read all about the Catrice eyeshadow pallettes I have been using these past months… so cheap and I’m ever so satisfied with this product ! On Tuesday, quote-day, you could read a quote on long-distance friendship and I tell you about the 29-year old long-distance friendship I’ve been having with Katelijne. She gave me permission to use a photo of herself looking fab at 40 and I also included a photo of us two when on citytrip in London way back in 1997…

In the ‘how-to-wear‘ you could see 3 styles on how to wear a navy striped pencil skirt. I do like all styles and find it so hard to choose ! Have you already taken part in the poll ?! Why don’t you vote for your favorite outfit like… right now 🙂

In the tips ‘n trips post you could read part II of the ‘In Flanders Fields’ series. And the outfit of this week, well I think it’s so glam… a seventies dress to die for ! Don’t you just love the pictures my husband took in Antwerp (and also one in Caen, Normandy, when on holiday).

And to end this fab week just a picture to make you dream of luxury, sun and sea… enjoy your Lazy Sunday and cheers !

Love, Kathleen

Luxury in Antibes, France.
Luxury in Antibes, France.

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