Lazy Sunday

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I wish you all a very lazy Sunday… on my blog this week you could read a review on the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream. In the how-to you could see three more styles on how to wear a polkadot A-line skirt. In the tips ‘n trips you could read part II of our weekend break to Holland and the new outfit of the week brought to you a classic… the grey woollen pants… with photos taken by my good friend Katrien on our daytrip in beautiful Paris!

But the most important post this week, you could read on Tuesday. I shared with you a very personal, life-changing story, telling you about my husband’s kidney failure, his time on dialysis and finally the kidney transplant which saved his life… Read this story as I really want to make people aware of the importance of organ donation! Do not hesitate to share our story… the more people that read this, the better!

Love, Kathleen

This photo was taken in the ever so beautiful Peak District, where we spent our holiday last April. Such a beautiful piece of England!

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