Lazy Sunday

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a spider's walking bridge

I wish each and everyone of you a very lazy Sunday… I know mine will be 🙂

Now what did this week bring to my blog ?

First of all last Sunday I told you how the first week of my new challenge had been… Later today you can read about my second week… so make sure you come back to my blog in a couple of hours for some healthy tips, a recipe and an update on how I’ve been doing so far!

In the weekly beauty post, I told you about my favorite bath foams.

I also showed you some fashion this week… three different styles on how to wear a grey woollen vest and the outfit of the week featured my fringed poncho.

In tips’ n trips I told you a bit about Leuven and the bloggers’ meeting I had there with a couple of fellow bloggers.

And the quote was from Charlie Chaplin this week… about the troubles in the world… and there certainly have been a lot of troubles lately… but as Chaplin expresses it so beautifully… nothing is permanent… not even our troubles!

And with that positive note I’ll say goodbye… for now!

Love, Kathleen


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