Fashion: Black ‘n white


The outfit of the week is all about this cute, flirty black ‘n white dress I bought at a sale last winter. At 10 EUR it really was a budget buy!

The dress actually has short sleeves and a V-neck. I wear a black fine-knit turtleneck underneath. It really gives the impression as that is part of the dress, doesn’t it? The fabric is stretchy, but quite thick. It actually is a fun and comfortable dress to wear!

It’s a very short dress, I know. But because of the turtleneck worn underneath and the black thights, I think it certainly is ok, even for my age 🙂

Last winter I combined this dress with my Doc Martens once, which I actually quite liked! It was an extremely cold, snowy winter day and we were walking quite a lot that day. I was so glad I chose my Doc Martens as the paths were really slippery because of the snow and ice. Today though, I go for my comfortable block heels.

What accessories is concerned I kept it simple. Besides my sunnies from Max & co I’m only wearing small silver earrings I once got from Katelijne, my friend from Australia. You don’t see it on the photos, but actually they are earrings in the shape of the Canadian maple leaf. Katelijne once lived in Canada for a year (because of her husband’s work) and I got these cute earrings plus matching necklace as a present!

I quite like this simple outfit. What do you think?

Love, Kathleen

In this post you see me wearing other earrings I got from my friend Katelijne…

…and here you can read about our long-distance friendship!







Photography : Peter Kluskens

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