Lazy Sunday

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early bird

The first lazy Sunday of December… and I have started my X-mas shopping! Have you already ? On Friday’s post I gave you tips on how to get the perfect gift… for him/her but also for a teenage girl/boy. Why don’t you check it out (if you haven’t already :-))!

Last Sunday you could read all about the third week of my challenge… I’m doing pretty good so far, even if I do say so myself! Make sure to come back later today to read the new update… Christmas is nearing soon… I sure hope I will reach my goal!

On the beauty post you could read about an all-time classic… this week’s quote was about beauty and concerning fashion I gave you a how to post and a stunning colour in the new outfit of the week.

And the tips ‘n trips post was all about one of my favorite cities I have visited so far… Amsterdam! Next Thursday you can read part II on our great daytrip to Holland’s capital.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday (and don’t forget about those presents!).

Love, Kathleen



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