Lazy Sunday

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morning fog


Well hello and a very happy, lazy Sunday to you!! Why don’t you sit down, relax and enjoy spending some time on my blog today… here’s what’s been posted on my blog this past week…

First of all a beauty post on my weekly routine… the at home facial. My skin really needs this, especially in these cold winter months!

On Tuesday there was a quote about summer… yip, you read that right… summer! Just because I am starting to miss my favorite season already. I know… I’ll have to be a bit more patient (sadly that is one of my faults!!).

The tips ‘n trips post was all about a trip to Delft we did a couple of years ago. As my husband recently had knee surgery we haven’t been doing any trips these past few weeks, but don’t worry… I’ve got plenty more tips ‘n trips in store for you!

In the outfit of the week I showed you my warm down jacket which I  have worn quite a lot recentlyl as the temperatures have dropped seriously these past few weeks.

And that’s it for this week! I hope you had fun visiting my blog… and make sure to come back again as I’ve got plenty more posts coming up…

Enjoy your Sunday and see you soon 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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