Quote of the day : we can get used to things… but we cannot forget…

“On n’oublie rien de rien. On n’oublie rien du tout. On n’oublie rien de rien. On s’habitue… c’est tout” – Jacques Brel


(We don’t forget, we don’t forget anything at all… we just get used to things.)

And again my heart is weeping for all the grief in the world…

When the terror attacks in Paris happened, I was heartbroken as this city has a special place in my heart.

But now with the attacks in Brussels my heart is literally aching… Brussels, the capital of my country… where my eldest daughter lives during the week… where we regularly go on a daytrip… so close to home… oh my god what is happening in this world… will we ever feel safe again…

I simply cannot understand how they can do these things to innocent people… someone’s mother or father, someone’s son or daughter, someone’s husband or wife, someone’s friend or colleague…  just ordinary people going to work, to school, going on a holiday or a business trip… waking up, not knowing this day would traumatize them for the rest of their lives… or even worse… that this day would be the last day they would see their loved ones…

We cannot begin to understand what drives people to blow themselves up and take their own life and so many others with them…

But again we will live on… and again we will crawl back… we will learn to live with these attacks, those uncertainties… people are resilient, people bounce back and pick up the pieces… we might get used to living with these terrors… but we will never ever forget these terrible things and how they made us feel…

Love, Kathleen


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