Lazy Sunday

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leaves in springtime

I would’ve thought this Easter Lazy Sunday would be carefree and cheerful… instead I am still a bit dazed by the things that happened last Tuesday in Brussels…

Tuesday, just after posting my springtime quote, these awful attacks happened in Brussels and left a black stain on Belgian history. Later that day I posted an extra quote, one from Jacques Brel… about getting used to things… who would’ve thought we would have to get used to terrorist attacks… it’s just so surreal… I just don’t want to get used to it…

I changed the tips ‘n trips post I had scheduled for Thursday… instead of talking about a shopping trip to Maasmechelen, I just posted heaps of photos I took in Brussels on previous trips… just because I want to show the world what a beautiful city Brussels is!

Last Sunday there was a season flashback of my winter outfits of the week… did you vote already for your favourite outfit? You still can you know…  My first spring outfit was all about my new trenchcoat and the beautypost this week was on two L’Oréal Revitalift I have been using.

But you know… all these things seem so trivial right now… I just hope you can spend these Easter days with your loved ones. Give them an extra hug and be thankful for every day of your life…

Love, Kathleen

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