Beauty ‘n Fashion: Montagne Jeunesse – Foot pumice and foot butter


During the summer months my feet need a bit of pampering as I tend to get some dead skin on my heels and at the sides of my big toes. Before going to bed, I always use a foot cream but during those summer months my feet need just a bit more than that, so regularly I give my feet a good scrub.

On a recent visit to the drugstore, I stumbled upon this foot pumice and foot butter from Montagne Jeunesse. As the face masks that I have already bought from this brand (read review), this product too comes in a handy uni-dose.

How to use?

First you’ve got to use the pumice. You squeeze the product out of the little sachet, than you start rubbing it on your feet. I especially concentrate on those harder parts of my feet, like my heels and the sides of my big toes.

After I rinsed off the pumice (I like to use cold water as that is so refreshing for my feet!), I put on the foot butter. You wait until your feet have absorbed the foot butter. You could rinse it off I suppose, but I normally use it before going to bed so I don’t bother about the rinsing off!



  • unidose, there really is enough product in the sachet. I think these unidoses are so handy and hygienic!
  • the foot pumice has a lovely minty smell
  • complete treatment for your feet
  • after using both products, my feet feel soft, fresh and clean
  • the foot butter is really nourishing
  • not tested on animals


  • the smell of the foot butter could be a bit fresher in my opinion


This definitely is a product I recommend. My feet just feel so fresh after using this product!

Tell me which foot cream you use! I’m always keen to learn about new products 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about the uni-dose face masks I like using!


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