The week ahead…

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uniqlo 5

There have been a couple of changes on my blog this week and today there’s one more 😀

Instead of looking back at the past week’s posts on lazy Sunday, I will give a little sneak peek of what the next week will bring here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’… so let me tell you what this coming week has in store for you…

Tomorrow, there will be a beauty post about the Filorga lip balm I have been using lately. On Tuesday I will give you 5 tips on how to stick with your New Year’s resolutions and in Thursday’s travelpost I will take you to York in the North of England. In Saturday’s fashionpost I will show you where to buy basics in Antwerp.

You see, many reasons to pay my blog a visit this week!

I wish you all a nice  Sunday… and let it be a lazy one for old times’ sake 😉

Love, Kathleen

PS: on the picture you see the lovely stairs at Uniqlo, one of the shops I will show you in Saturday’s post!


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