The week ahead

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Well hello there on yet another Sunday… let’s take a look on what my blog has in store for you this coming week…

On Monday there is plenty of beauty to be explored in my beauty rewind, a post in which I look back on the past 20 beautyposts.

In Top Tips Tuesday, there’s a post about my 5 favourite drugstore beauty buys and on Thursday there’s a travelpost about beautiful Grasse, which is situated in the Provence.

On Saturday, there will be a fashionpost about how to wear a leather jacket. Don’t miss it as I give you plenty of inspiration!

And then there is one extra post this week… it’s all about a challenge… and I will tell you all about it on Wednesday, the first day of February…

You see… plenty of reasons to pay my blog a visit this week! See you soon 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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