The Week Ahead

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The final days of 2017 are here ladies and gentlemen! How will you be celebrating Christmas and New Year? I sure hope you can spend these days with your loved ones… having a good time, sharing memories, enjoying each others’ company!

But what will these final days bring to my blog?! Tomorrow I look back on the different nailstyles I’ve had this year. There are plenty… so if you still need some inspiration for your Christmas make-up, don’t miss this post!

On Tuesday I tell you all about the kick-off of the second year of our bookclub. I will share with you the books we will be reading in 2018. On Thursday there won’t be a travelpost. I’ve got something much more personal lined up… I will tell you all about my 2018 goals!

And in the final fashionpost of this year I will show you a festive outfit, one I might even be wearing on New Years Eve 🙂

That’s it for this week! I hope you will have a lovely last week of 2017 and see you soon for some good, fab and lovely posts!

Love, Kathleen



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