Setting myself some goals for 2020: Update n°1

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As March 1st has arrived, here I am with my very first update on my 2020 goals!

First of all: if you want to read about the goals I’ve set myself for 2020, here‘s the link to the blogpost I have written at the end of 2019.

And now… drumroll please… how have I been doing these first 2 months? Let me tell you…

Boost my energy


I wouldn’t be very true to myself writing all those ‘boost your energy’ posts and not doing anything about it myself now would I! Therefore, whilst setting my 2020 goals, I made this ‘boost my energy’ pact with myself, to make sure I boost my own energy as well as yours 🙂


  • start my day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water: I must admit I don’t do this daily, but I try to as much as I can, especially on weekdays.
  • take enough exercise: I go to ballet/stretch class usually 4 times a week. I don’t do any other sports at this moment even though I am still thinking about starting to run again.
  • listen to my body: I went to the ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) as I am always feeling tired even though I sleep enough, I exercise and I eat rather heathy. So I went to this specialist and apparently I am allergic to dust mite. Now I’ve got a nasal spray and also medication to take before going to sleep, which has improved my sleeping pattern. In August I will have to do a special sleeping test in a clinic… more on that later!
  • eat healthy: on weekdays I am actually doing quite well, eating enough fruit and veg, drinking enough water, eating lean meat and at night I keep the snacking to a minimum. During weekends I treat myself a bit more… That way, I try to keep the balance a bit! I would like to lose a couple of kilos though, but I just don’t come around doing so… will have to put in some effort I guess!


I’ve bought myself a Moleskin notebook with a beautiful Peter Pan quote on the front… in this notebook I write down some inspiration and motivational quotes, but also interesting websites, books I want to read, things to visit in Scotland and Australia,…

Here are a couple of quotes I have gathered so far…

‘Be brave enough to be bad at something new.’

‘Six year olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15-100 times a day. Be six again!’

‘Character consists of what you don on the third and fourth times.’

‘You won’t grow and things won’t change until you make the effort to do so.’

‘I always carry a little crazy with me. You never kow when you’re going to need it!’


In this department I am specifically working on some ballet goals I’ve set myself:


  • work on my turnout: practicing in class, but also at home! Even when I go to sleep I work on my turnout as I often do ‘the frog’ before going to sleep 🙂
  • participate in the performance in May: we are already practising the choreography and so far so good… mind… this is very hard for me as there is so much to think about: the coordination of legs, arms, head,… the musicality, the expression,… combining all this is very difficult believe me!!! But I do my utter best as I really want to participate in the performance… and don’t make a fool out of myself of course!
  • perfect that bridge exercise: my back is getting stronger so the bridge exercise is getting better… very slowly though! It might take me a while to actually raise that leg whilst doing the bridge, but I won’t give up!!
  • practise at home regularly: I often stretch whilst watching television, I do pliés whilst brushing my teeth and blowdrying my hair and during the weekend I sometimes do a longer stretching and even my husband joins in from time to time 🙂



We rarely actually stand still with the things we do, the people we see, we’re always rushing, off to work, doing errands, going to the sports club,… so here I am… trying to seek connection in this crazy world!

There’s a difference in doing things and actually doing them in a connected way. Below a couple of examples to make that clear:

  • watching a film on television, constantly disturbed by your smartphone, people talking, advertisements,… and watching a film undisturbed, smartphone on mute and way out of sight, having a nice hot tea and cuddled up underneath a cozy blanket,…
  • just soaking in a bubble bath which might be boring after 10 minutes… and really and truly enjoying bathtime with candles, a lovely smelling bath foam, a glass of wine perhaps, your favourite music in the background, having a little at home facial,…

I must admit that I have to remind myself to look for connection, but I try to fit in a couple of mindful and connected moments per week!


Things you do from the heart give you loads of energy and I promised to open up about a topic that lies close to my heart.

Last week you could read my first ‘From the heart’ post which was about my lifelong passion for ballet. You can click this link to read it.

Planning holiday trips



As it’s March first, I’m starting to count the months until we leave for Scotland! Still 4 more months… plenty of time to prepare this trip even though preparations have started already:

  • We have rented 2 cottages:
    • The first week we will stay in a cottage (rented via AirBnB) in the Midlands near Balloch. Balloch is situated right on the shores of Loch Lomond, which is a perfect place to have as a base for several daytrips in the Midlands. We will also visit Glasgow and Edinburgh that first week.
    • The second week we’ll stay in a cottage in the Highlands not far from Strathpeffer and Inverness. A cousin from my husband has moved to the Highlands and is now renting out a couple of cottages… so this was a perfect excuse for us to finally go to Scotland and visit some family in the mean time! That second week will be all about lakes, mountains and castles I guess as there aren’t many cities in the Highlands!
  • We have booked our transport: there are several possibilities to travel to Scotland.
    • A lot of people travelling to Scotland do a fly and drive. Now this was not exactly an option for us as my husband and son don’t want to fly…
    • A second possibility is the ferry. This journey however would take us nearly 24 hours in total to get to our first cottage. Besides the long journey, it’s also very expensive! I did the maths and it would cost us double the amount of money than the option we have finally chosen…
    • The third option, and the one we have chosen, is drive to Calais, take the Eurotunnel towards Folkestone and drive all the way up to Scotland (about 800 km to Balloch). Calculating all costs (Eurotunnel, gas, things we eat and drink during our journey and an overnight stay at a hotel during the return journey) makes this kind of travelling much cheaper than the ferry. Besides the costs, it will take us less time to get to our destination during the outward journey and during our return journey it will give us the opportunity to visit Alnwick Castle.
  • We have booked a hotel for the return journey: the outward journey, we will be travelling in one day. On our way back though we will be coming from the Highlands so that’s much too far to do in one day. On the first day of our return journey, we will stop to visit Alnwick Castle (famous from Harry Potter and Downton Abbey) and then stay in a hotel near Middlesborough. The second day we’ll continue our journey home.


I have been reading up on several locations I want to visit Down Under and we already have some things in mind. We still have plenty of time to plan though, so we’re not actually rushing it 🙂

And that’s it for this first update! Reading this I must say I’m doing pretty well 🙂

Love, Kathleen



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