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Beauty: Skincare and make-up routine for a wedding!

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So I guess this is the final blogpost about my sister’s wedding 🙂 In today’s post, I will take you through my skincare and make-up routine for that day. There were plenty of steps before the finished result and here you can read them all! Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty: Unboxing the Deauty-box

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought the magazine “Goed Gevoel”, a magazine about health, psychology, sports, fashion, beauty, food and kids. I like reading this magazine occasionally as it usually has interesting articles.

But this time there was an extra reason to buy the magazine… it came with a Deauty-box for only 6,90 EUR extra 🙂 A colleague of mine had given me the tip so I already knew what was in the box… and it was definitely worth paying the 6,90 EUR for!

Read on as I will reveal to you what was in the box…

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Beauty: How to… look the part for a special occasion!

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We have definitely started the countdown now… four more days until my sister and her fiancé say ‘I do’! We all have been looking forward to this important day and we are so excited!!

I always do my best to look the part, even more so on a memorable day like this. Read on as I share with you some tips on how to look your best for a special occasion! Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty: How to… revive tired skin

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If your skin looks dull and tired, there are many ways on how to revive it! In today’s post I share with you plenty of tips… Now take a cup of tea and get yourself comfortable 🙂

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Beauty: How to… take care of your lips

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Who doesn’t want soft, kissable lips?! I know I do 🙂 We all like to take care of our skin, but a lot of us tend to forget the lips. So today’s post is all about lipcare.

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Beauty: Drugstore beauty buys

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2015-06-22 coconut oil2

I usually buy my beauty products at the drugstore, which saves me a lot of money as opposed to the beauty products from a cosmetic store. I am often very satisfied with the result and if I’m not, than at least it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

Today I share with you my favourite drugstore beauty buys from the last couple of months. Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty : What to pack for a day trip!

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So the other day I went to Paris… I know, I know… I’m quite a lucky bastard 🙂 You will soon read in the tips ‘n trips post what I did in Paris and who I went with!!

Now normally I take waaaay too much on a daytrip. After two hours my neck and shoulders start hurting as my handbag weighs a ton! But to my daytrip to Paris, I really wanted to travel light so I thought twice of what I packed in my America Today tote. Read more on what I packed for this daytrip.