Travel: Belgium – Bruges: historical center

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Last week you could read about the exposition my daughter and I visited in Bruges (about Picasso and Miro). And this week’s travelpost is about the walk we did in the historical center of the lovely, medieval town Bruges. Read the rest of this entry »

Travel: Belgium – Bruges: Picasso and Miró

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Last week I went to Bruges with my youngest daughter Elizabeth. Besides strolling around this beautiful medieval city and eating the best pizza ever (of which I will tell you more next week) we also visited the Picasso and Miró exposition in the Xpo Center Bruges.

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Belgium: Mechelen – St-Rumbold’s Cathedral

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A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to Mechelen to have brunch and do some shopping. It had been years since I visited the city… Read more about our visit to Mechelen!

Belgium: Antwerp – botanical garden

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Today’s travelpost is about  a haven of tranquility in the midst of the city… the botanical garden in Antwerp. Read more about this garden!

Belgium: Brussels – Harry Potter Exhibition

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My kids are die hard Harry Potter fans. They were brought up with the books and films and they’ve got quite a lot of Harry Potter related things. We visited the Leavesden Studios several years ago so when they heard about this Harry Potter expo, they really wanted to go! Read more about this expo!

Belgium: Antwerp – Born in Antwerp, exhibition ‘behind the clothes’

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UntitledA couple of weeks ago my 2 sisters and I went to the opening of the ‘Behind the clothes’ exhibition. We’re all three interested in fashion, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to have a night out just the three of us. Read more about our fashion outing.

Belgium: Ghent – a first impression part II

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Last week you could see some beautiful photos of our daytrip to Ghent… and here’s part II! I will tell you more about the second part of our daytrip and will treat you to some evening photographs which turned out quite alright if I may say so myself 🙂 Read more about this trip to Ghent!