Beauty: Trying out some samples (Sanex, Mixa and ICI Paris XL)

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Welcome to yet another ‘trying out some samples’! Today I have 4 samples to share with you: Mixa nourishing body milk, Mixa hydrating day cream, Sanex zero % shower gel and a gentle facial scrub from ICI Paris XL.

Read on to find out my first impressions… and would I buy it or not?

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Beauty: Sephora – Lavender Foot Mask

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When in Paris at the end of December, I bought some things at Sephora. It was the first time I visited the shop, so I had bought quite some goodies!

This Sephora Lavender Foot Mask was one of them. Read on to find out my thoughts!

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Beauty: Kruidvat callus remover and Gehwol callus creme

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During summer my feet suffer… a lot! I used to file the callus away with a foot file. And everytime I was filing away, I thought how nice it would be to have an electric callus remover, but everytime when I was in my drugstore, I simply forgot to buy one… until now 🙂

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Beauty: Unboxing the Deauty-box

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought the magazine “Goed Gevoel”, a magazine about health, psychology, sports, fashion, beauty, food and kids. I like reading this magazine occasionally as it usually has interesting articles.

But this time there was an extra reason to buy the magazine… it came with a Deauty-box for only 6,90 EUR extra 🙂 A colleague of mine had given me the tip so I already knew what was in the box… and it was definitely worth paying the 6,90 EUR for!

Read on as I will reveal to you what was in the box…

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Beauty: A facial and a manicure for a wedding!

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Last Saturday it was my sister’s wedding as you will probably know as I have been blabbing about it non-stop…

Of course I wanted to look my very best and that’s why the day before the wedding I took the day off, I did some cleaning and grocery shopping, but the rest of the day I could really pamper myself with a manicure and a luxury at home facial and prepare everything for the next day.

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Beauty: Dove – Derma Spa Youthful Vitality Body Cream

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Some time ago I bought a body lotion from the Dove Derma Spa Youthful Vitality collection. In the same collection they also sell body creams, so when there was a promotion on Dove products in my local drugstore recently, I bought a jar of this cream…  Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty: Dove – Derma Spa Youthful Vitality Body Lotion

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And straight back to business in this new year! The first beautypost of the year is about a body lotion, because yes… even in 2017 we will have to take care of our skin 🙂 I will tell you a bit more about the Dove Derma Spa Youthful Vitality… Read more about this body lotion!