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Fashion: Shopping for a wedding outfit… 14 tips to bear in mind!

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Next week my sister is getting married so recently I bought an outfit to wear on her special day.

When you have a special occasion coming on, why don’t you read these tips?! They might help you in your search for thé perfect outfit…

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Fashion: Worth the investment

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I like to do bargains… I rarely pay a lot of money for my clothes or accessories, but on some items I think it is worth to pay just that little bit more… read on as I will tell you what I think is worth the investment! Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Buying fashion basics in Antwerp

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Antwerp is the fashion capital of Belgium, so no better place to go shopping if you ask me 🙂 In my fashionposts this city will regularly show up. Today I will tell you where to find your basic tops/blouses/sweaters. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: How to… strike the best bargains!

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As I already told you yesterday, this new year will bring some new things on my blog! One of the new sections is ‘Top Tips Tuesday’.

Every Tuesday you can expect some top tips on something… anything really! Beauty, travel, books, tips on how to handle a certain problem… I will surprise you every single week 🙂 Take me to that first top 5!

Belgium: Antwerp – Born in Antwerp, exhibition ‘behind the clothes’

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UntitledA couple of weeks ago my 2 sisters and I went to the opening of the ‘Behind the clothes’ exhibition. We’re all three interested in fashion, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to have a night out just the three of us. Read more about our fashion outing.

Belgium: Maasmechelen outlet village

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Once or twice every year, my friend Katrien and I go to Maasmechelen Outlet Village… and those days are pure and utter bliss 🙂 Read more about this trip to Maasmechelen Outlet Village!

Fashion: Xandres – Launch of the party collection

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Last Friday; my two sisters and I went to the launch of the Xandres party collection. Xandres is a Belgian brand of beautiful, elegant women’s wear. The clothes are of high quality and comfortable. The fabrics are chosen carefully and they also have an extensive plus-size line. Xandres has a lot of selling points in Belgium, but the collection can also be ordered online.  Read more about the Xandres party collection!