Holland: Rotterdam – High Tea & Rotterdam by night

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To finish my series of Rotterdam-posts, I will tell you a bit more about the place where we had an ab fab high tea and I will show you some pictures from Rotterdam at dusk and by night… a sight to see! Read the rest of this entry »

Holland: Rotterdam architecture

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I have visited many Dutch cities and they all have the same pattern… winding canals with bridges, old canal houses, medieval architecture. But not Rotterdam…  Read the rest of this entry »

Holland: Rotterdam – Markthal

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In last week’s travelpost you could read about our visit to the Peter Lindbergh exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. In this second post about our daytrip to Rotterdam, I will tell you a bit more about the Markthal… Read more about this building!

Holland: Rotterdam – Kunsthal

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Last Friday I went to Rotterdam on a daytrip, with my good friend Katrien. I will do a couple of posts on our trip as we did so much on that one day.

In this first post, I will take you to the Kunsthal and more precisely to the exhibition we visited! Read more about our visit to this exhibition!

Holland: Dordrecht

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Last week I told you about our trip to Dordrecht and specifically about a Jane Austen lecture we attented in the Dordts Patriciërshuis. Today you can see lots of pictures of how we spend the rest of our beautiful day! Read more about our time in Dordrecht!

Holland: Dordrecht – Jane Austen and Hightealicious

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I’m a bit of a Jane Austen fan. Ok, I admit it… I’m struggling to read her books in English (at the rate I am currently going it will probably take me another 10 years to finish them all), but I have seen a lot of film and television adaptations. I just love these costume dramas… the slow storylines, the beautiful scenery, the fantastic locations… And it would  definitely be a dream come true to make a Jane Austen themed trip around England and attend the Jane Austen festival in Bath! Read more!

Holland: Utrecht – by day and night

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A final post on our recent weekend break today… and it’s another one on Utrecht. Read more about Utrecht!