Holland: Kinderdijk (and a tiny bit of Dordrecht)

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Today’s tips ‘n trips post brings us to Holland… to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht to be more precise. Kinderdijk is known for the many windmills that are lined up next to several canals and Dordrecht is the oldest town in Holland. Read more about these two destinations!

Holland : Delft

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Today in this tips ‘n trips post, I tell you more about this really lovely Dutch town, Delft. We visited this beautiful town two years ago, but we certainly will visit Delft again as this is such a charming little town. Read more about Delft!

Holland: Amsterdam – part II

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So my sister, brother-in-law and their three kids, my husband, my two daughters and myself went to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Last week you could read part I on our daytrip to Amsterdam and guess what… here’s part II 🙂  Discover what else we did in Amsterdam…

Holland: Amsterdam – part I

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A couple of weeks ago we went on a daytrip to Amsterdam. We were with a lovely bunch of people : my sister Maggy, her husband and their three kids, my husband, my two daughters and myself. So quite a pack!

Amsterdam is only a 2 hour’s drive, so it can be perfectly done in one day… although you won’t be sorry to spend longer than a day in Holland’s capital! There is so much to see and do…  Click here if you want to know what we did on our daytrip to Amsterdam!

Holland: Zwolle and Kampen

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Zwolle, Museum De Fundatie.

A couple of weeks ago you could read about the first day of our weekend break to Holland. On the third day we went to a wellness resort, but I have yet to tell you about our second day! Well, actually we wanted to go to Giethoorn, a delightful little village with heaps of canals, beautiful houses and gardens. Unfortunately the weather didn’t look very promising that morning as it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided to visit two little towns, Zwolle and Kampen, instead. Read more about our visit to these two bustling market towns!

Holland: Amersfoort

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Koppelpoort : the beautiful 15th century entrance gate in Amersfoort.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went on a weekend break to our beloved neighbouring country… Holland. We love the hospitality and friendliness of the Dutch so when choosing a destination for a weekend getaway, Holland nearly always wins!

This time we stayed in Hotel Postillion in Putten at the Veluwemeer, but before going to our hotel, we made a stop in Amersfoort. Read the rest of this entry »

Holland: Utrecht

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Oude Gracht with a view of the Dom.

We like going to the Netherlands for day trips or weekend get aways. There are really beautiful little towns and villages and a trip to our neighbouring country never disappoints us !

This time we went to Utrecht. We parked at P&R Westraven and took the tram to the city centre. If you come by car, this is, in my opinion, the best way to get into town as the P&R is easy accessible and the car park plus tram tickets for up to 5 people only costs you 5 EUR !

The tram dropped us off at the station… now there we had some difficulties finding the fastest way to the old part of town as there are extensive road and construction works ! But after some time we found our way and soon we were strolling around the beautiful city centre. Read more about our daytrip to Utrecht!