Paris – my heart is weeping…

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Place de la Concorde

When I think about Paris, my heart always gets a little weak inside as this beautiful capital of France has captured my heart ever since I was a child. I even had a Paris-scrapbook when I was eight! I can honestly say that my entire life, I have had a bit of a crush on this city… the city of lights… my beloved Paris… Read more…


One lovely blog award… twice !

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blog award

I have been nominated for “One Lovely Blog Award’… TWICE 🙂 once by Bapalaya and also by Vivacious Lifestylin’. This Award gives you guys the chance to get to know me  just a tiny bit better as I have to tell you 7 facts about myself… But first I want to encourage you all to take a look at the blogs of the two fab ladies that have nominated me.

Bapalaya is such a beautiful, vibrant girl who certainly knows a thing or two about beauty, fashion & travel.

And Vivacious Lifestylin’ is the blog of Ashley Marie from Houston, Texas. She is such a pretty, creative person, so you should defintitely check out her lifestyle blog. Read my 7 facts!


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This is my first post… well, not a proper post I must confess… more like a countdown until my first real “the good, the fab and the lovely” post… just a bit more patience !

Love, Kathleen