Fashion: Season flashback – Summer 2016

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I’m actually a bit sad summer’s now well and truly over… so bare with me while I have just one last look at this summer’s outfitposts in the season flashback… will you join me?! Take me to that season flashback!

Fashion: Snake print

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Have you ever bought something of which you though ‘what will people think’? Yip… me too… and I just love to wear exactly what I want and I just couldn’t care less what ‘they’ think… !  Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Striped t-shirt

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One of the all-time summer classics must be the striped t-shirt. And this year I got one for free! Read more about this free striped t-shirt!

Fashion: Printed dress

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At the end of the sales I like to browse in stores to found one more bargain… and I succeeded once again…  Read more about my bargain!

Fashion: Pink jacket

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I wear a lot of black, dark blue, grey… but in summer I do love a bit of colour now and then… and that brings us to this bright pink jacket 🙂 Read more about this bright jacket!

Fashion: Maxi dress

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I love a flowy maxi dress in summer. In today’s post I show you one I bought a couple of summers ago at H&M, but I still love it… Read more about this flowy maxi dress!

Fashion: Denim jacket

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If there is one item that is perfect for everyone… male, female, young, not so young, slim or not so slim,… it must be a denim jacket! I have owned a denim jacket for as long as I can remember and I just couldn’t do without one I must admit 🙂  Read more about this jacket!