Today’s quote : life goes on

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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : it goes on… – Robert Frost

This photo was taken in April when we were on holiday in the stunning Peak District in England… I actually wasn’t feeling all right at the time because of my burn-out, but those walks we did were great for the body as well as the mind and were actually the beginning of my (slow) healing process…

Life is yin and yang, no light without darkness, no happiness without pain, no good times without the bad,…

But luckily life goes on… sometimes a bit quick perhaps, but it goes on. So when things aren’t looking up, when things don’t go as planned, when everything around you seems to fall apart, just remember… life goes on. Read more about this quote!


Beauty : Biotherm – Aquasource Gel

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I got this 20 ml sample at the Elle Summer Tour in Bruges last August.

At the end of September my husband and I went on a weekend break to Holland. I told you what I had packed in my beautycase for this getaway and that included the product I will review today : Biotherm Aquasource Gel.  Read on to see what I have to say about this product!

Challenge : how to lose 5 kilos… week 2

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spaghetti bolognese

A couple of weeks ago I started my new challenge… I had gained some kilos over the last couple of months and somehow I didn’t manage to lose them! That’s why I made it into a challenge to lose 5 kilos… preferably before the festive season 🙂

I hope that this challenge will help me reach my goal. In return for all you guys being my sounding board, I will give you a recipe each week and also some tips on how to lose weight and how to eat and live healthier.

Read more on how I did the second week of my challenge!

Lazy Sunday

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a spider's walking bridge

I wish each and everyone of you a very lazy Sunday… I know mine will be 🙂

Now what did this week bring to my blog ?

First of all last Sunday I told you how the first week of my new challenge had been… Later today you can read about my second week… so make sure you come back to my blog in a couple of hours for some healthy tips, a recipe and an update on how I’ve been doing so far!

In the weekly beauty post, I told you about my favorite bath foams.

I also showed you some fashion this week… three different styles on how to wear a grey woollen vest and the outfit of the week featured my fringed poncho.

In tips’ n trips I told you a bit about Leuven and the bloggers’ meeting I had there with a couple of fellow bloggers.

And the quote was from Charlie Chaplin this week… about the troubles in the world… and there certainly have been a lot of troubles lately… but as Chaplin expresses it so beautifully… nothing is permanent… not even our troubles!

And with that positive note I’ll say goodbye… for now!

Love, Kathleen


Fashion: Fringed poncho

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Up until last week we’ve been having the most fantastic fall weather. So my grey fringed poncho has been the perfect piece of outerwear! Read more about my poncho!

Fashion: Xandres – Launch of the party collection

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Last Friday; my two sisters and I went to the launch of the Xandres party collection. Xandres is a Belgian brand of beautiful, elegant women’s wear. The clothes are of high quality and comfortable. The fabrics are chosen carefully and they also have an extensive plus-size line. Xandres has a lot of selling points in Belgium, but the collection can also be ordered online.  Read more about the Xandres party collection!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Grey fringes and dark denim in today’s sneak peek… Any guesses what this outfit can be ? Tomorrow you get to see lots of photos… why don’t you come back to see it then ?

Love, Kathleen


Photography : Peter Kluskens