Today’s quote : the smell of books

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“There is nothing like the smell of books, both new and old. If someone ever bottled the smell, I would be all over it’ – Tiffany King

I wonder if this little guy puts his nose in his books for a bit of that magic smell !

Today I am going to the Book Fair in Antwerp!!! This is absolutely one of fall’s highlights. In last weeks’ quote you could read all about my love for books (especially those written by Maeve Binchy 🙂 )… but I also like the smell of books and that is what this week’s quote is about…

Read more about my fascination with the smell of books!


Beauty rewind n°1

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On this photo some of my favourite beauty products like the Rimmel wake me up mascara and the Mac eyebrow. Both products I use daily.

I have written twenty beauty-posts for this blog already ! I think that calls for a bit of a rewind, don’t you think. I will be looking back on the things I reviewed so far and I will honestly tell you whether I’m still using it, whether I still agree with what I’ve written about the products or if I have changed my mind since posting. If you like, you can click the link to read the full review.

So here we go! Take me to that beauty rewind!

October-challenge : did I make the 50k ??

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lopenNovember 1st today, so yesterday I ended my October challenge… In the “halfway there” post, you could read that I wasn’t really on track after the first half… only 18 km in 15 days… that meant that the second half of October I would have to do my utmost best to get to the 50k mark! Check whether I made those 50k…

Lazy Sunday

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On today’s post a recap of what’s been happening on my blog this week…

The beauty post was all about Mylène’s mink oil. Tuesday you could read my thoughts on a Maeve Binchy quote. On Wednesday you could see three styles on how to wear classic woollen pants like the one I wore in last week’s outfit post. And Thursday you could see lots of photos I took on a trip to Antwerp.

This week there were two outfit posts : the usual outfit of the week (with my fab grey sweater!) and another LBD of the month (already the 6th, can you believe it!).

Today, on Lazy Sunday, one more post than on a usual Sunday. It’s not on the blog just yet as I am still working on it! It will be posted in the afternoon… so make sure to come back later today…

And that’s a wrap for this week… Enjoy your Sunday!

Love, Kathleen

Early October in Paris…

Fashion: Grey sweater

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In spring I bought some stuff at Primark. One of my finds was this grey “is it the weekend yet” sweater. It was love at first sight and at 13 EUR I just couldn’t resist it. When reading this text I immediately thought of Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey (played by a sublime Maggie Smith) who once stuttered :‘what is a week-end’. She is absolutely priceless, our Violet Crawley!! Read more about my ‘is it weekend yet’ sweater!

Fashion: LBD – Mer du Nord

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It’s already the last Friday of the month, so I’ve got another little black dress for you! The photos were taken in lovely Bruges, where my husband and I went a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my birthday. Soon you can read all about our trip, but this time I will tell you something more about my LBD I chose to wear that day. Read more about this LBD!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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A bit of grey, a bit of ochre and some prints… You probably haven’t got a clue what this outfit is all about… Why don’t you come back to the blog tomorrow to solve this mystery ?!

Love, Kathleen


Photography : Peter Kluskens