Fashion: LBD – Missoni

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For my first fall LBD-post, I opted for this flirty, short LBD I bought at an outlet. It’s a Missoni dress. I like buying designers’ clothes, but I must confess I rarely pay full price as most of the time I buy them on sale or at an outlet. When buying designers’ clothes, I tend to buy classic items, items which will last for several years. Read more about this LBD!


Travel recap n°1

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Fifteen tips ‘n trips post have already been posted on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’… so time for a recap ! Today you’ve got the chance to catch up on tips ‘n trips posts you might have missed.

The first tips ‘n trips post was about good old Paris and more specifically about Parc Monceau and afternoon tea at Hotel Daniel. If you want to read the whole post, just check here. Aaah… Paris… I am so in love with this city… I’m sure we will meet again really soon!

Parc Monceau in Paris

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Today’s quote : happy little accidents

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We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents – Bob Ross


Of course I make mistakes (I won’t go into detail now if you don’t mind 🙂 ), everybody does. But isn’t this quote just the perfect perception on how to look at mistakes ? Isn’t it perfect for those things in life that didn’t go as planned ? That aren’t executed as you wished ? If you look upon them as happy little accidents, they don’t seem so bad now do they ? Read more about this quote!

Beauty : What to pack for a weekend break!

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Last weekend my husband and I went on a weekend break to Holland. You can read all about our adventures really soon in tips ‘n trips, but in this beauty post, I reveal what I packed into my beauty case… Read what I packed on our weekend break!

Fashion: Season flashback – Summer 2015

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September 20th… last day of summer… the season is now well and truly over… no more white jeggings, white linen dresses or bare-backed dresses… but I just want one last flashback… pretty please… Summer definitely is my favorite season (as you could read in this post) so one last look at my summer outfits-of-the-week can’t hurt, will it ? Above each image you get a link to the outfit-post if you want to see more pictures of it.

At the bottom of this post you see a poll… I do hope you take the time to vote as I am so curious which outfit is the winner of the summer season !

(There should only be 13 outfits in this post as one season equals 13 weeks… but as I started blogging just before summer, so I added all 15 outfits posted up until the beginning of autumn !)

Love, Kathleen

Outfit of the week number 1: the culottes (post of June 13th)


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Lazy Sunday

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This past week brought us some beauty, some fashion and a post about a film date I had with my eldest daughter. On Tuesday you could read a quote about kindred spirits… and if you have just a bit of time left, make sure you check the blogs of my kindred spirits (you can find their links in Tuesday’s post!)…

And an extra post today on my blog… as it is officially the last day of summer, you can check out my season flashback… you can vote for your favorite outfit ! I’m ever so curious about the results of this poll…

Love, Kathleen

On this last day of Summer some beautiful summer flowers from the Monet garden at Giverny. You can read about it in my tips ‘n trips posts from France, Normandy.

Fashion: How to wear… beige pants

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Beige pants : with red trench

In last Saturday’s post you could see how I combined my beige pants with a fun peplum zebra top and a fitted black blazer.Beige pants are the perfect garment to take you from summer to fall in a flash! That’s why I combine them with 3 different coats in this how-to post : a red trench, a faux leather jacket and an oversized blazer. Beige might be just beige, but it can be so versatile! Which style do you prefer ? You can vote in the poll below the images.

Love, Kathleen
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