Beauty : Vichy Idéal Body – serum/milk

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A couple of weeks ago I won some products from Vichy. Can you believe how excited I was when the box with goodies was delivered ?! I thought I’d get some samples, so I was really glad with what was actually in the package… these 3 full size products 🙂 :

I haven’t used the sun protection yet as I had just started a new bottle. I will save this bottle for next year as the bottle I just started will last me through the summer.

I have been using the other two products though. Today you can read what my thougths are on the Idéal Body serum/milk. Read more about this Vichy body milk!


Lazy Sunday

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Another week has passed so time for a Sunday recap of what has been happening on the blog this week…

In my beauty post you could read all about the Catrice eyeshadow pallettes I have been using these past months… so cheap and I’m ever so satisfied with this product ! On Tuesday, quote-day, you could read a quote on long-distance friendship and I tell you about the 29-year old long-distance friendship I’ve been having with Katelijne. She gave me permission to use a photo of herself looking fab at 40 and I also included a photo of us two when on citytrip in London way back in 1997…

In the ‘how-to-wear‘ you could see 3 styles on how to wear a navy striped pencil skirt. I do like all styles and find it so hard to choose ! Have you already taken part in the poll ?! Why don’t you vote for your favorite outfit like… right now 🙂

In the tips ‘n trips post you could read part II of the ‘In Flanders Fields’ series. And the outfit of this week, well I think it’s so glam… a seventies dress to die for ! Don’t you just love the pictures my husband took in Antwerp (and also one in Caen, Normandy, when on holiday).

And to end this fab week just a picture to make you dream of luxury, sun and sea… enjoy your Lazy Sunday and cheers !

Love, Kathleen

Luxury in Antibes, France.
Luxury in Antibes, France.

Fashion: Seventies dress

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The seventies are trending and as I was born in that era, I must have at least one item that embraces that style. So at the end of June I  bought this überlong dress on sale at H&M. The length of the dress, the flowy fabric, the blue/brown colour scheme, the floral print… this all screams seventies style to me ! Read more about this outfit!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Flowery fabric, blues, greens and rusty brown,… here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s outfit ! Check the blog first thing in the morning and you see the full outfit !

Love, Kathleen


Belgium : In Flanders Fields – part II

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View towards Diksmuide and the river Yser from the roof terrace of the Yser Tower.

Last week you could read part I of my In Flanders Fields trips. This week I tell you more about a short trip I did with my youngest daughter Elizabeth on a windy Saturday at the end of July. As my husband and son went to a football match, Elizabeth and I wanted to spend our time more wisely and we went to Diksmuide.  Read about our trip to Diksmuide!

Fashion: How to wear… navy striped pencil skirt

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Navy striped skirt and red

I teamed my navy striped pencil skirt quite casually in last Saturday’s post. I just added a marcel and some comfy sneakers and I was off to go.

Now here you see 3 more dressed up how to’s… which one do you like best ? The one with the cute polka dot blouse, the one with the crispy white bustier or the one with the boxy blue top ? You can vote for your favorite combination in the poll below the images. I must say I find it really hard to choose between these 3… I love them all !!!

Love, Kathleen

See two more styles!

Today’s quote : long distance friendship

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There is magic in long distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound – Diana Cortes

kate en ik
This is a picture of my friend Katelijne and myself way back in 1997 when we were in London together… So nice to see this photo again… good times equals good memories…

In my previous outfit post, I told you about my friend Katelijne who emigrated to Australia with her parents and brother now nearly 29 years ago. That is when our long distance friendship started… and here you can read about our extraordinary friendship…

Make sure you read the full post as below my thoughts on our friendship, Katelijne also wrote  some words ! Read more about my long-distance friendship with Katelijne!