Lazy Sunday

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Welcome to this Lazy Sunday post ! Time for another recap of what’s been going on this site of cyberspace…

This past week I did a review on the eyebrow-set from Mac, I rambled on about summer ending (and how I do NOT like that… at all!). On Wednesday you could see 3 styles with a patterned coat and on Thursday I finally posted about a trip to Knokke which my husband and I did mid August (well, better late than never…). I hope I gave you some inspiration for next fall as you could see lots of fall-trends in my ‘fitting room fits‘ and my pretty lace dress was seen in the outfit of the week post.

I hope you liked last weeks’ posts… and I hope you like your lazy Sunday !

Love, Kathleen

In my tips ‘n trips posts you can read all about our Normandy trip we did in July. On the last day we visited Etretat with iths marvelous cliff coast.

Fashion: Lace dress

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In August last year, my husband, three kids and myself did a day trip to Brighton (which was ever so fun… should write about it on tips ‘n trips now I come to think of it !).

In the lovely, little streets of The Lanes, we passed the shop ‘Pretty Eccentric‘ and I immediately fell in love with… like everything they sold ! All the clothes and accessories had a roaring twenties feel and I tried on several dresses. This pretty lace dress with grey underdress really is sophisticated. Read more about this outfit!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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A bit of lace and a soft green for the outfit of this week… you definitely should come back tomorrow to see the entire outfit ! Fit for a party I’d say…

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0739Photography by Elizabeth Kluskens

Fashion: Fitting room fits – Fall 2015

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I did some some research on what’s trendy for the next fall season. While I was on my 50-day challenge of not buying any clothes, accessories or shoes, I thought it would be really hard trying on all these new styles, but actually I was quite ok with it. I’ve been having fun trying on stuff, trying on things that I would normally not even lay my hands on. Seeing myself in outfits I would otherwise never try, has opened my eyes.  I want to see more about these fitting room fits for fall!!

Belgium: Knokke – Optima open and La Terrasse du Zoute

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Some of you who follow me on Instagram, may have seen some photos of a tennis event I went to a month ago. I hadn’t come around yet to do a blog post, but well… with some delay : here it is !

I have always been a tennisfan. I have scarcely played the game myself, but I always enjoyed watching a good game on television ever since I was a teenager. Back in the eighties Ivan Lendl, Bjorn Borg and Mats Wilander were my favorite tennis players. And once Belgium produced top players like Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin and Xavier Malisse, I watched their games as often as I could, even setting my alarm clock in the middle of the night to watch an important game !

My husband also enjoys the game (he was more a McEnroe and Connors fan) and so we were quite happy to have won some tickets for the Optima Open in Knokke (mid August), an event where former tennis players show what they still have in store.  Read more about our date to Knokke!

Fashion: How to wear… patterned coat

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Patterned coat : boho

Last Saturday I showed you my eccentric patterned coat. In this how to wear post, you can see 3 other patterned coats and 3 different ways of styling them. Which style do you prefer ? Make sure to vote in the poll below the images !
Love, Kathleen
See two more styles + poll!

Quote of the day : summertime

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“I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through winter, knowing that summer is going to be there” – Jack McBrayer

Level 1… accomplished !

I seriously think there should be a support group for people who are having problems with facing the fact that summer doesn’t last forever… I would soooo definitely be a member !!! Summer is my favorite season and every year, when summer is nearing its end, I get a bit melancholic… I simply don’t like the days shortening and the mornings getting chillier. I just want to hold on to the summer season for as long as possible… which isn’t always easy as from mid August, you are confronted with it everywhere, whether you like it or not. In magazines, in shops, in the papers, on the internet, everywhere you look you there it is… “summer is coming to its end”, “back to school”, “what to wear next fall”. I try to ignore this for as long as possible and I am simply denying the fact that summer comes to an end. Read how I try to adapt to fall and winter!