Belgium: In Flanders Fields – part I

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Tyne Cot Cemetery in Zonnebeke.

I made 2 trips with the Great War as a theme. One trip I made recently with my youngest daughter Elizabeth. The other trip I made in August 2014 with my husband and my 2 youngest children.

Today I will tell you about the trip we made last year in August. As 2014 marked the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, I wanted to do a trip to the Westhoek, the part of Belgium that suffered most during the Great War. I thought it was important for our 2 youngest children to join us, as I wanted to make them aware what happened 100 years ago and which part our country played in this war the whole world was affected by. Read more about our daytrip to Ypres and surroundings!


Fashion: How to wear… classic blue dress

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Midnight blue, white and a touch of fuchsia

Quite a classic dress in outfit of the week last Saturday. Below you see 3 more combinations : with white, red and green. Which one is your favorite ? You can vote in the poll below the images.

Love, Kathleen

See two more styles!

Today’s quote : family

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‘Without a family, man alone in the world, trembles with the cold’ – André Maurois

My two sisters and me on one of our many family gatherings – picture taken by my (proud) dad.

I love my family… I don’t know what I’do do without them. In “Random things about me” I told you already some things about my family. I’m married to Peter and have 3 gorgeous kids, Charlotte, Stef and Elizabeth. Together with them, my parents and father-in-law, my 2 sisters and their partners, my husbands’ 2 brothers and their partners and all my nieces and nephews (all 11 of them !), we have many family gatherings. These can become quite hectic sometimes. It is often we have 25 people in our house to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or another feast. But I have always cherished these family gatherings and by getting older I appreciate them even more. Read more about this quote!

The 50-day challenge… halfway there !

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On July 17th… exactly 25 days ago (not that I’m counting…) I started my 50-day challenge of not buying any clothes, shoes or accessories… You can read all about it in this post.

Now I’m halfway there and perhaps you’re a bit curious on how I’ve been doing… have I been cheating ? Have I managed to withhold myself of any temptations I might have stumbled on along the way ? Did I stroll around in shops sniffing leather shoes and bags ? Did fabrics glide through my hands ?

Well… I’m pleased to say that so far so good ! I have been tempted of course, but I managed to stand the test for 25 days now… and surprisingly well I must say.

The first real test was on our daytrip to Utrecht (of which you can read all about here) and that was quite challenging. In Utrecht you literally have one shop next to the other but as I otherwise should’ve spend quite some time in the shops, we now walked past most of them and only went in a few shops my husband or daughters wanted to to into. Instead of spending time in shops, I went to the Aboriginal Art Museum to give my cultural level a boost (I did buy a birthday card for my Australian friend Katelijne I must admit but that I was allowed to !).

The second test was when I met up with my sisters at the end of July. Normally meeting up with my sisters means having a quick coffee and then hitting the shops, but fortunately we hadn’t seen eachother for a while, so we needed our time to catch up and there was no more time left for shopping !

Then last week I went to Bruges and stumbled upon a little market where people sold homemade jewellery, scarves,… now that was quite hard as one of them sold the most beautiful silk/filt scarves ! I didn’t even open the scarves as temptation would have been even harder…

But actually I have been really persistent… now am I not miss goody two shoes !

I fear the next 25 days though, as shops are stocking up… and I have already fitted some autumn trends I must admit ! So I really hope that the next 25 days will pass as smoothly as the first… I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I will fill you in on September 5th !

Love, Kathleen

Enjoying a herbal mint tea instead of hitting the shops…

Beauty : Body scrubs

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It is important to scrub your skin frequently to get rid of all the dead cells. Now this summer I have been using Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for face and body to get me a tan. The why’s and how’s you can read in this post. When using a self-tan product, your skin really needs that weekly scrubbing session or else you end up with layers of self-tan product that don’t look that flattering… Read more about the two body scrubs I like using!

Lazy Sunday

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Another week has drifted by… if you have the time today, you could perhaps take a look on what my blog had on offer this week !

On Monday you could read all about ‘perfectly clean‘, the cleanser I daily use. On Tuesday there was a quote by Oscar Wilde about something really important in life… loving yourself ! On Wednesday you could see 3 fifties styles in ‘how to wear a retro halter dress‘. On Thursday in ‘tips ‘n trips‘ youd could read about our daytrip to Utrecht. On Friday you I told you my thoughts on the documentary ‘Dior and I‘ and yesterday you could see my classic midnight blue dress in ‘Outfit of the week‘… On to the new week I’d say… but not before enjoying another Lazy Sunday…

Love, Kathleen

Market in St-Paul-de-Vence, Provence.
Market in St-Paul-de-Vence, Provence.

Fashion: Classic blue dress

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2015-08-08 navy7

Everytime we are in England we look for our favorite shop Reiss. They have such beautiful clothes, really good quality, beautiful fabrics and patterns… we just could buy the whole store !

We, that is my husband and I. It was my husband actually who discovered the shop first when we were on a citytrip in London a good couple of years ago. At home I have to break and arm and a leg to get him to the shops, but when on holiday or citytrip, he likes to do some shopping. Half of his cupboard is bought on travels and trips !

A few months ago we were in York and saw our favorite shop, Reiss, so along we went ! My husband bought this beautiful navy blue shirt with a tiny dot and I was hooked up on this fantastic midnight blue dress with a square cut-out pattern all over it. Read more about this outfit!