Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Tomorrow is ‘outfit-of-the-week’-day ! So here’s a sneak peek…

Love, Kathleen


Fashion: How to wear… culottes

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Last Saturday it was all about the culottes in my outfit-of-the-week.
Here you see more tips on how to wear the culottes casually, to work or to a party. Which style do you like best ? If you like you can fill in the poll you find below the images !
Love, Kathleen

See two more styles!

Belgium: Antwerp – exhibition Dries Van Noten Inspirations

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inspiration : punk (autumn/winter 2010-2011)

Dries Van Noten is one of Belgium’s greatest talents in fashion. In 1981 he graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and a couple of years later he designed his first collection. He became known as one of the Antwerp Six, a group of influential avant-garde fashion designers.

His designs are worn by many celebrities like Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Julianne MooreRyan Gosling and of course Queen Mathilde from Belgium.

In the ModeMuseum Antwerp you can visit an exposition about Dries Van Noten. Read more about this Dries Van Noten exposition!

Today’s quote : getting started

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

the beginning of a long hot day
Calais-Dover crossing… the beginning of a long hot day!

This quote reflects on me and my blog. I have doubted for quite some time to start blogging. Always making excuses why I shouldn’t start just yet, making plans and posts but not actually doing something with it.

But then I read in the book “How blogs work” from Stephanie Duval that you can plan everything… and you can keep planning and adjusting… but if you just don’t have the courage to start one day, you end up with nothing and all the invested time and energy were useless.  Read more about this quote!

Beauty: Make-up tutorial at Mac, Antwerp

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The Mac products I bought.

Last week I went  to Mac in Antwerp to get a make-up tutorial. I have been using make up since I was 14 so you’d think I get the hang of it by now after nearly 30 years ! But of course my skin has changed a great deal since then and so has the use of make-up. So I thought it would be great to hear some tips from a professional make-up artist. Read more about this make-up tutorial!

Lazy Sunday

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On Lazy Sunday just a picture out of my collection !

Enjoy your Sunday…

Love, Kathleen

Beautiful flowers at the orangery of Lyme Park, England.

Fashion: The culottes

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A couple of weeks ago I did it… I bought a pair of black culottes !

I found the perfect pair at & Other Stories in Antwerp. I really love this brand (Other Stories) ! They’ve got trendy yet affordable clothes, shoes and accessories so once in a while I cannot help myself… I’ve got to check what new things they’ve got in store…

This time it was my daughter’s fault though… she had seen some black leather Vans which were sold in & Other Stories so off we went. After 5 minutes she had her Vans and I was like “I’m just going to have a look around…”. Fortunately my daughter and my husband were really patient as I tried on several things, but it were the culottes I fell in love with immediately !  Read more about this outfit !