From the heart… Ballet!

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Picture taken by Dimitri Imhof for Ballet Workout Belgium.

One of the goals I have set myself for 2020 is opening up about things lying close to my heart. It’s those things that really mean a whole lot to me and that I am really passionate about and it’s those things that are bound to give me loads of energy.

By talking from the heart, I hope I can motivate you to search for things that lie close to your heart and you know what… those things may be right there around the corner, waiting for you to grab them…you’ve just got to see them!

Don’t be afraid, don’t let anxiety hold you back… because whatever you want to do from the heart, whatever lies close to your heart, whoever lives in your heart will help you, will motivate and support you along the way. It’s those things and those people who make life worthwhile, who will help you through difficult times.

Doing something from the heart will give you a kind of happiness and liberation you have never felt before♥

This first ‘From the heart’ is about something that has been in my heart since I was a little girl… ballet!

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