Fashion: How to wear… pink flowy skirt

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Pink midi skirt with basics

Pink and flowy was my skirt on last Saturday’s post. I combined it with my bright yellow sweater for those chillier summer days. Below you see three more styles : with basics (like the combination I wore on yesterday’s post), with black (must try this one !) and colour block style with vibrant orange (a bit like in last Saturday’s post but don’t you just love those booties !).

Which style do you prefer ? Vote in the poll below the images !

Love, Kathleen

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Fashion: Pink flowy skirt

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I don’t like the H&M sales as it tends to be too crowded and messy in the stores. Just before the start of the sales though (at the end of June mind you… I didn’t go shopping now as I am on my 50-day-challenge !!), they do reduced prices on some articles. The only condition is that you’ve got to buy at least two reduced articles… no problem for me there ! So about a week before the actual sales start, I’m off to H&M to see if I can find some bargains.

During the summer sales, I always try and buy things that I can still wear on colder summer days and in the autumn. We don’t have an extremely long summer season, so I usually don’t buy that many really summery stuff. This time I bought a soft pink midi skirt. Read more about this outfit!

Outfit of the week : sneak peek

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Another week… another outfit and like last week.. another flashy colour ! Tomorrow on the blog you can see the entire outfit.

Love, Kathleen


Photography by Charlotte Kluskens

Fashion: How to wear… white jeggings

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White jegging : with denim

On last Saturday’s post I styled my white jeggings with a vibrant blouse and my black espadrilles.  Here are 3 more how to’s : with denim, with a leopard print top and monochrome. Which would you wear ? You can vote if you like ! The poll is below the images.

Love, Kathleen

See two more styles!

Fashion: White jegging

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I’ve been to Primark in Brussels recently… I know… Primark… Boy was it crowded over there ! To be honest with you, I didn’t think it was a shop for a 40+ woman… but I actually bought some things there and I must confess… they will be seeing me again !

I have been searching for a white skinny jeans for quite some time now, but there was always something wrong : too shiny, too sheer, not elastic enough,… so when I tried on a white jegging at Primark, I didn’t put my hopes up. But was I in for a surprise !! Read more about this outfit!


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Today I start a 50-day-challenge… I am already loathing myself for putting myself through this ordeal.

The challenge I wil set myself for the next 50 days (so up until and including September 4th), is not buying any clothes, accessories or shoes… so… no new season shopping, no shoe shopping spree, no hunt for the perfect bling ! Oh my God… the more I write about it, the more I think about it and the more I think about it, the more excuses I’m already making up to NOT make this challenge work !

I’ve already told my husband about this challenge a few weeks ago (that way I thought I couldn’t back down anymore…) and he actually got a twinkle in his eyes… “Will this be a challenge for just 50 days ? If I were you, I’d challenge myself even harder and do it for a couple of months”. I emphasized that it was just a challenge and that I cannot make any promises whatsoever of me taking this challenge to a good end ! And that he can not hate me for failing… but of course if I should succeed… he will never hear the end of it !!

I have absolutely no idea how this challenge will end… I will most certainly tell you about it after these 50 days ! If, like me, you are dying to know whether I’ll make it or not, keep following my blog !

Love, Kathleen

Closed doors at Renaissance (Modenatie) in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp... lucky me !
Closed doors at Renaissance (Modenatie) in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp… lucky me !

Fashion: Dries Van Noten – Inspirations

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Just a reminder : the Dries Van Noten – Inspirations exposition in the Momu (Modemuseum) in Antwerp ends on July 19th.

But to give you a chance to visit this absolutely fantastic exposition, the Momu does a Midsummer Night Opening on July 18th and July 19th. The museum will be from 10 am until midnight on these 2 days (see here).

If you want to know more about this exposition, you can read the post I did on it last month.

Do try and visit this exposition as it is truly amazing !

Love, Kathleen

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