Trips ‘n Travels: England – Oxford, a walk in the city centre


In today’s travelpost I take you to Oxford on a walking tour through the city centre, a city centre filled with history, colleges and beautiful architecture!

Now we did visit a college, but more on that next week. Today I will focus on a walk we did in the city centre.

First things first: Oxford is hell to find a parking space. You’re better (and cheaper!) off  parking your car on one of the park & ride spots. No stress, just park the car and take the bus into the city centre!

We arrived in Oxford quite early, but the centre was already buzzing. I guess Oxford is always busy!

First we did some shopping (but didn’t buy anything… I tried to persuade my daughter into buying the coolest Vans culottes ever but it was just too far out of her comfort zone aka black skinnies…) but pretty soon we started exploring the city centre.

Carfax Tower

Carfax Tower is a 14th century tower, the only part that is left of St Martin’s Church. It gives a nice view towards High Street.


Christ Church College

We wanted to visit this college, partly because of the link with Harry Potter as my daughter is a true HP fan… the queue to get in was however way too long, so all we did was take a few pictures from the outside and go on!

Christ Church College was founded by cardinal Wolsey in 1525.



Radcliffe Camera

This is a round building which is home to the Radcliffe Science Library. This 18th century building is the earliest example in England of a circular library.



Sheldonian Theatre

This theare was built in the 17th century after a design by Christopher Wren.. It has an eight-sided cupola in the centre of the roof which is accessible. We wanted to visit it, but unfortunately it was closed because of a graduation event.


St Mary the Virgin

13th century church which can be found near Radcliffe Camera.


Magdalen College

One of the 38 colleges of the University of Oxford, established in 1448. We visited this college and next week I will tell you a bit more about it! Below I already treat you to a picture.


Bridge of Sighs

This bridge is actually called ‘Hertford Bridge’ and is joining two parts of Hertford College.


Oxford Covered Market

The name says it all: this is a covered market 🙂 and it’s fun to have a little walk around in. There are lots of specialty shops to be found. Don’t miss it!



There are plenty of more sights to visit in Oxford of course. Below you see more pictures of this beautiful historic city.

Have you ever visited Oxford? What were you most impressed by?

Love, Kathleen











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