To blog or not to blog: The how’s and why’s of a blogging schedule

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to blog or not to blog

Even though I have been blogging for more than 2,5 years now, I am definitely not a blog expert. And that’s why I have stayed clear from any posts about blogging.

But then here I am… after 2,5 years… still blogging away… without writer’s block so far!

And that got me wondering: how is it that ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ is still up and running while so many others that started with or after me quit blogging after only a couple of weeks or months?! Is it just pure perseverance or is it something else?

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Beauty: Beauty shoplog Paris

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to go to Paris with my youngest daughter Elizabeth. I have written two travelposts about how we spent our day. In the second post I told you I did some serious beauty shopping whilst in Paris and I promised you a shoplog… Well guess what? Here it is 🙂

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The week ahead

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Hello there on this winter Sunday! How are you all doing? Any plans for today? Why don’t you start by reading this post so you’ll know what good, fab and lovely posts are lined up for you this week 😉

On Monday there’s a beauty shoplog. You might know that I have visited Paris lately and I bought a lot of beauty products. Tomorrow I show what I have bought and in the months to come you can expect some reviews!

On Tuesday there’s a post about the how’s and why’s of a blogging schedule. On Thursday I take you to my beloved England. I will show you my 5 favourite blogposts about England that have appeared here on my blog. Be prepared for some stunning nature and architecture!!

In Saturday’s fashionpost I show you this very cute dress I recently bought.

And that’ll be it for this week. Have a lovely Sunday and see you soon!

Love, Kathleen


Outfit of the week: Cashmere twinset

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Uniqlo is one of those place you just have to go in to buy some basics… they have all sorts of t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans in an array of colours.

So when I was looking for some tops to get me through winter, I paid the Uniqlo store in Antwerp a visit and bought one if their best basics: a cashmere crewneck sweater with matching cardigan.

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Travel: France – Christmas in Paris (part II)

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Well last week you could gawk at some pretty fabulous pictures in the first part of the travelpost ‘Christmas in Paris’. Today I treat you on part II so make yourself comfortable to go on a journey with me to beautiful Paris…

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The Unique Blogger Award

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the unique blogger award

I must say I am a bit honoured as I was nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by the lovely and ever so beautiful Ingrid from the blog IngridMadisonAve which you can find here.

Now what is this Unique Blogger Award I hear you ask? Read on to find out!

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Beauty: Trying out some samples – Fragrances (part I)

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I love getting samples at the drugstore, in magazines or in the cosmetic store. I usually save them for daytrips, weekendbreaks or holidays, but then I thought it would be fun to just use them and share my thoughts with you, here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’.

Read on to find out which samples I have tried out… and would I buy the fullsize version?!

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