Tips ‘n trips : recap n°4

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This tips’n trips recap has links to blogposts about my own country Belgium, but also about France, the Netherlands and England as well as one collab post and one celebration post… let me take you back to the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts! Read this 4th tips ‘n trips recap!

Today’s quote : what’s done in love…

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“What’s done in love, is done well” – Vincent Van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh lived to paint… he loved to paint… and he painted so well… Read more about this quote!

Beauty : Nivea – Express Body Lotion

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Nivea products rarely disappoint me. As I hadn’t tried this Express Body Lotion yet, I bought it at my local drugstore a couple of weeks ago.  Read more about this body lotion!

Lazy Sunday

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I hope each and everyone of you is enjoying a fun and lazy Sunday…

I don’t have much time to laze around today as I am packing for our mini-holiday to Germany… I’m so looking forward to it🙂

While I’m slaving away over my suitcases (how tough life can be…), feel free to browse my blog for some beauty, a quote, a tips ‘n trips and an outfit of the week…

Love, Kathleen

Outfit of the week : pink jacket

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I wear a lot of black, dark blue, grey… but in summer I do love a bit of colour now and then… and that brings us to this bright pink jacket🙂 Read more about this bright jacket!

Tips ‘n trips : Belgium – Harry Potter Exhibition

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My kids are die hard Harry Potter fans. They were brought up with the books and films and they’ve got quite a lot of Harry Potter related things. We visited the Leavesden Studios several years ago so when they heard about this Harry Potter expo, they really wanted to go! Read more about this expo!

Today’s quote : strength

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“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Rikki Rogers

Royal Opera House

This quote takes me back a loooong time ago… I was 8 or 9 and I was in the local gymclub. Read more about this quote!