Outfit of the week : the classic white men’s shirt

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My outfits are often built around a basic clothing item… and today’s basic is the classic white men’s shirt! Read more about this basic!

Tips ‘n trips: Germany – lakes and trees

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Bitte ein Bit😛

Last month we were on a holiday in good old Germany. I already shared a travelpost about Monschau and also about a beautiful walking tour we did in the Eiffel region. Well today I will tell you something about lakes and trees… because on the third day of our holiday, we made a lovely combination of these two things🙂 Read more!

Today’s quote: weekends

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“In the weekend I do this fabulous thing called ‘whatever I want’ ” – Nanea Hoffman

Oh how I love weekends… I try to fill them with all these fab things I love doing! Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty : hand creams

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Last week I told you about the foot pumice and butter I like to use for my feet, well today I will tell you more about the two hand creams I use! Read more about these hand creams!

Lazy Sunday

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Welcome to yet another lazy Sunday! Let me give you a recap of what’s been happening here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’…

There was this beautypost on a foot pumice and butter, a quote about celebrating a wedding anniversary, a travelpost about adorable Dordrecht and in the outfit of the week I show you some summer stuff for fall🙂

I do wish you yet another fab week!

Love, Kathleen

PS: Above picture was taken at the Wolwevershaven in Dordrecht.

Outfit of the week: summer stuff for fall

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I know this is the first autumn outfit, but as the weather is still oh so very nice to us, I’m still wearing a lot of of my summer clothes. See more from this outfit!

Tips ‘n trips : Holland – Dordrecht

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Last week I told you about our trip to Dordrecht and specifically about a Jane Austen lecture we attented in the Dordts Patriciërshuis. Today you can see lots of pictures of how we spend the rest of our beautiful day! Read more about our time in Dordrecht!