Beauty: Trying out some samples – Fragrances (part III)

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Recently I received two more fragrance samples: ‘Yes I am’ from Cacharel and ‘World’ from Kenzo. I tested them out and below you can read my first impressions. Would I buy a fullsize bottle or not?

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Beauty : My favourite fragrances… part I

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Concerning fragrances I am quite a loyal woman (as I already mentioned in this post). In all, I’ve got 6 favorite fragrances. Usually I’ve got a few bottles I’m using alternately… according to the mood I’m in ! I usually have empty bottles of the fragrances I am not using at the time. I have the habit of sniffing these empty bottles quite regularly so when one of the bottles I’m using is nearly empty, I immediately know which one I want to replace it with !

So… six fragrances… As it is high summer I will start with two summer favorites : Parfum d’été by Kenzo and Fragonard by Fragonard. I use my other fragrances as well in summer, but these two I use most during summer months. Read more about my favorite summer fragrances!