Beauty : My favourite fragrances… part I

Concerning fragrances I am quite a loyal woman. In all, I’ve got 6 favorite fragrances. Usually I’ve got a few bottles I’m using alternately… according to the mood I’m in ! I usually have empty bottles of the fragrances I am not using at the time. I have the habit of sniffing these empty bottles quite regularly so when one of the bottles I’m using is nearly empty, I immediately know which one I want to replace it with !

So… six fragrances… As it is high summer I will start with two summer favorites : Parfum d’été by Kenzo and Fragonard by Fragonard. I use my other fragrances as well in summer, but these two I use most during summer months.

Parfum d’été by Kenzo

I first bought this perfume more than 20 years ago (it was a relatively new perfume at the time) and I have bought it regularly since then.

I only wear it in summer season as it is exactly what it’s called : ‘parfum d’été’… To me this is summer in a bottle ! When I smell it (and I do that sometimes in those long winter months), it instantly takes me to fab, fun and warm times.  It has the most summery, flowery smell you can imagine with just a hint of white musk. Definitely recommended by yours truly !

Fragonard by Fragonard

My second summer favorite is the youngest addition to my fragrance favorites. Last summer we went on a holiday to the Cote d’Azur. We stayed near Grasse so one day we visited the perfume factory of Fragonard. We did a tour of the factory which ended, of course, in the shop ! We bought some different fragrances there. My husband chose Désert (which is to die for !!! Such a sexy, sultry smell !!) and I chose the Fragonard fragrance which is called after the factory itself : Fragonard.

It is a really rich smell of white flowers and amber. I really love the jasmine in this perfume ! It is such a classy fragrance and as you can only buy it in Fragonard shops or online, it’s a bit more exclusive than other fragrances I own. I get many positive remarks when I’m wearing it. It really is a feel-good smell and as I bought it on holiday, that adds off course to the fantastic feelings it brings out !

A couple of months ago, my sister Cindy and I were having a drink at the terrace of Hotel Métropole in Brussels. We were both wearing Fragonard (my sister bought it online the day she smelled it on me !). There was an English family sitting a couple of tables away. Suddenly the man of this family came to me and asked me which perfume I was wearing as his wife liked it so much ! Now isn’t that a compliment…?!

Last winter I wore this perfume quite regularly as it took me back to the Cote d’Azur, but I think the fragrance is at its best in spring and summer.

Though very new to my 6 favorites, it certainly deserves its place. It’s very rare I add another perfume to my all-time favorites… the competition is a bit fierce… but Fragonard is definitely the perfect contender !

So those were my 2 summer favorites. Next week in part 2 two more fragrances… Keep following the blog so you don’t miss it !

Love, Kathleen

2 thoughts on “Beauty : My favourite fragrances… part I

    1. Thank you Tesha ! There is a part 2 yes… and also a part 3 🙂 you can find them all in the menu under ‘beauty’ and then click ‘fragrances’. The 3 posts are all there, just scroll down (you can even vote for your favorite fragrance !). Thanks for stopping by. Love, Kathleen


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