Fashion: White in winter

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White in winter: Going for a walk

The first snowfall of the year gave me some inspiration for some winter-white outfits! Because why wouldn’t we wear white in winter?!

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Fashion: What to wear to the Oscars…

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Oscar night in cream

I looooove Oscar night… I record it every single year and not only to see who are the winners!  I just love this show for the glitter and glamour and I swoon away over all those fab dresses!

As the Oscars are nearing soon, I have made a post about evening gowns… and I let my fashion heart run wild 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Red for Valentine’s day

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Red for Valentine's day: dresses

Red is of course the first colour that springs to mind when I think about Valentine’s day. Now you may or may not celebrate this lover’s feast… but you’ll certainly be inspired with today’s post about the colour of love! Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Fashion basics going festive!

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Basics going festive... the dark denim!

Not your ordinary outfit of the week today… I’ve been a bit too sick this week to take outfit pictures. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some fabulous fashion for you on this fabulous Saturday! Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Down coat & jacket… take your pick!

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The down coat & jacket... take your pick!


Last Saturday you could see my down coat in the outfit of the week. Today I give you plenty more options of down coats and jackets.


Do you want a ‘safe’ colour and go for black (as I did), or do you like a bit of colour on your down coat? Do you want a coat or a jacket?


Tell me what your favorite coat/jacket is… from the selection above I’d go for the black jacket:-)


Love, Kathleen


Fashion: How to wear… faux fur

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Faux fur : jacket


In last Saturday’s post you could see my fab, plum, faux fur jacket. I am just utterly and truly over the moon with it…
Today you see three more styles with faux fur : the first one with a jacket that really looks like mine, the second one with a faux fur sleeveless vest and the third one with a faux fur collar.
Which style do you prefer ? Let me know in the poll below the images!
Love, Kathleen

See two more styles + poll!

Fashion: The black ‘n white bodycon dress… take your pick!

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Black 'n white bodycon dresses

Black ‘n white bodycon dresses by kaybe610 featuring a black plaid dress

Now normally you would expect a “how to wear” on Wednesday, but today I am trying something different… Instead of the three styles I normally give you, you can now take your pick out of several different dresses!

Last Saturday I wore a black ‘n white bodycon dress. It was covered in flowers… Here you see lots and lots of other black ‘n white bodycon dresses… with flowers, with graphic design, with color blocks, with or without sleeves, downright cheap and very expensive,… take your pick I’d say!

Which dress do you prefer? My personal favorites are the middle one of the top row (from Vestry.com) and the middle one of the lowest row (from House of Fraser).

Love, Kathleen

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