Beauty ‘n Fashion: White in winter

White in winter: Going for a walk

The first snowfall of the year gave me some inspiration for some winter-white outfits! Because why wouldn’t we wear white in winter?!

Below you find some outfits for different occasions, all having one thing in common: white!

I made these outfits on, which is so much fun to assemble different outfits, but you can also just use it as an inspiration for fashion. Polyvore links onto other websites on which you can buy all the goodies 🙂 Have fun I’d say!

White in winter: Citytrip

White in winter: Citytrip by kaybe610

White in winter: Going for a walk


White in winter: Comfy on the couch


White in winter: At the office

White in winter: Partytime


Which outfit is your favourite? Do you wear white in winter? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen


9 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: White in winter

  1. I love combination of white and beige, it looks so classy and luxurious. I actually don’t wear white a lot during winter because here winter can be really dirty and messy to walk in, so I would mess my clothes but if I’m going on nice fancy dinner than I mostly go for white. xx

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