Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rimmel – Volume Shake Mascara


Today’s beautypost is about a mascara I picked up during a promotion at my local drugstore. It’s one from Rimmel, the Volume Shake Mascara.

This is a mascara you’ve gotta shake before using… now there’s something new! It got my attention and ended up in my shopping basket. Let’s find out what I think about it!

The promises


This is what I could read on the Rimmel website:

“Shake it up to keep it fresh!

  • Breakthrough shaker technology
  • Beautiful clump-free volume
  • Stays fresh from first to last use”

How to use

Well, just shake it baby!! Yip, this mascara has to be shaken before use to keep it fresh and fluid until the last drop…



  • Stays fresh and fluid because of the ‘shake-system’.
  • No clumps whatsoever 🙂
  • Natural effect on the lashes, not over the top voluminous though.
  • Easy to handle brush, which takes you even to those tiny lashes in the inner corner.
  • Sturdy tube.


  • Quite pricey for a drugstore mascara (15,49 EUR), but there are plenty of promotions at my drugstore so I bought it for a lot less!
  • During the day, this mascara leaves black stains underneath my eyes and that is something I most definitely do not want!!! After 2 weeks I stopped using the mascara because of that… such a pity! Perhaps a waterproof version would not leave stains?


Immediately after use, this mascara leaves a natural effect. Such a pity though about the stains it leaves underneath my eyes during the day… Sadly because of that I cannot recommend this mascara!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about another Rimmel mascara.


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