Boost your energy: Nature’s just around the corner… spring!


In today’s ‘exploring my neighbourhood’ post, I am literally just doing that as for the pics I will show you in today’s post, I just had to put on my shoes and step outside my back door…


I live in a little village near Antwerp. When you don’t have a car, it’s hell as public transport is nearly non-existent… my kids don’t find this very amusing I must admit, but my hubby and I just love the piece and quiet of our village and if we’re into some hustle and bustle, we just get into our car, drive for just a little while and we’re in the centre of Antwerp.

In our village we have several spots to adore nature and one is just outside my backdoor! I will do 4 posts about this bit of nature, one in each season.Β I am curious to see the seasons change in the pics I will post… and I will start with spring!




Don’t you just love spring… I love the trees blossoming, the smell of freshly mowed grass and the birds chirping their chirpiest songs!




So on one of the very first real spring days, I just had to put on my sneakers, take my camera and step outside my back door where I find this piece of nature waiting to be explored!

Check out the pics below and take a trip with me as nature really is just waiting to be explored!

Love, Kathleen

PS: I will post pics in summer/autumn/winter of the same spots so you can see the seasons change… just a bit of patience for the next lot!











4 thoughts on “Boost your energy: Nature’s just around the corner… spring!

    1. Thank you! The village itself isn’t at all particular, but the bits and pieces of nature surrounding it make up for that big time πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment! Love, Kathleen

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