Beauty ‘n Fashion: Caudalie – Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence


Recently, I got the opportunity to test a couple of Caudalie products. Today and next week I will tell you my thoughts on them! The good thing is that I will give you a promocode to share my Caudalie experience with you 🙂

I was happy to receive a lovely package from Caudalie at the beginning of June. Here’s what was in it:

  • fullsize bottle of Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence
  • fullsize bottle of Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
  • heaps of samples from the serum, but also from the Vinoperfect Radiance Moisturizer and the Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream. From the samples I kept one moisturizer and one nightcream to test and the rest of the samples I handed out to friends, family and colleagues so they could see whether these Caudalie products would fit their needs

Today I will review The Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence, next week I will share with you my thoughts on the serum and I will also do a sample post about the day- and nightcream I tested.

The brand

Caudalie is a French cosmetics brand. They are commited to selecting natural, environmentally-friendly and active ingredients wherever possible and they use as little preservatives as possible. They commit themselves to not use controversial and artificial ingredients and they are part of the “1% for the Planet” movement which means they donate 1% of their global sales to NPOs that work to protect the environment.

Now if that doesn’t already convince you to try their products… read on 😀

The promises

This is what I could read on the Caudalie website about the Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence:

“Inspired by the Asian skincare routine, this lightweight, refined formula is both gentle and effective, leaving skin feeling smoothed, plumped and illuminated. 

Glycolic Acid works to eliminate dead skin cells, whilst extracts from White Peony revitalises the skin to reveal a more even, healthy-glow. Enriched with Caudalie’s signature grape water, the Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence also contains hydrating, soothing and moisturising properties for a beautifully flawless complexion.

The fluid formula penetrates the skin almost instantaniously, preparing the skin for the active anti-dark spot ingredients present in the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.”



  • Refreshing and cleansing.
  • After using the essence for a couple of days, a very stubborn littly dry patch on my forehead mysteriously disappeared! It hasn’t come back since 🙂
  • My pores are smaller and my skin looks more radiant.
  • The patches in my neck have diminished.
  • I love the fresh smell of this essence.


  • Even though the glass bottle is very beautiful, I don’t like to use glass bottles in my bathroom…

The promocode: NVUFHR

And now… some good news for you! Because after reading this review, you might be a bit curious… you might even be persuaded to buy this essence! Well, if you do so before the end of the month, you’re in with a surprise 🙂

When you buy the Vinoperfect serum online, fill in this promocode: NVUFHR and you will get one Caudalie Vinoperfect product for free! What are you waiting for? As I mentioned before: this promo expires by July 31st 2018!


This really is an honest review and I can recommend the essence from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Kathleen

PS: this is a sponsored post, but this definitely has not inluenced my thoughts on the product. What you can read above, is my honest opinion after using the essence for about 4-5 weeks.



3 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Caudalie – Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence

  1. Amazing review!! I love Caudalie a lot, I’ve used their beauty elixir facial spray, it’s one of my favorite sprays. Will definitely check that essence out!

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