Beauty ‘n Fashion: Grey jeans


Grey jeans have been on my ‘WANT TO… ASAP’ list for a long time… I just never found the right pair. Everytime I saw one I liked, I tried it on and everytime I could hang it back in the store as it just wasn’t right for me…until recently 🙂

I had bought a pair of white jeans this summer at Claudia Sträter. Now this was also something difficult to find for me, but these were comfy and had a good cut for my body type. So when I was at my local Claudia Sträter store recently and saw those grey jeans, I crossed my fingers and hoped they would fit me as well as those white ones… and you know what??? They did 😀





I love the cut, the colour and the way they look a bit distressed (but not too much as that’s not very flattering for my age). They are quite expensive I must admit, but I was so glad I had found a pair that matches my body type!

These pants can be worn all year round and can be styled in a million ways. For today’s outfit, I am wearing my comfy, cashmere Uniqlo twinset. A twinset is a classic, but the vibrant colour gives it a bit of oomph.



I know I will wear my grey jeans a lot… and I’m pretty sure it will be featured more here on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’!

Love, Kathleen




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