Outfit of the week: White winter skirt

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Wearing white in winter is something you don’t often see. But why wouldn’t we wear white during winter? Why should white be reserved for the summer months only? Check out this post in which I show you a snow white winter skirt.

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Outfit of the week: Cashmere twinset

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Uniqlo is one of those place you just have to go in to buy some basics… they have all sorts of t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans in an array of colours.

So when I was looking for some tops to get me through winter, I paid the Uniqlo store in Antwerp a visit and bought one if their best basics: a cashmere crewneck sweater with matching cardigan.

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Fashion: Buying fashion basics in Antwerp

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Antwerp is the fashion capital of Belgium, so no better place to go shopping if you ask me 🙂 In my fashionposts this city will regularly show up. Today I will tell you where to find your basic tops/blouses/sweaters. Read the rest of this entry »