Wine ‘n Dine: What’s cooking for Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas and New Year will be so different this year. I don’t know wat the restrictions in your country/area are, but here in Belgium we are only allowed to invite 1 (ONE!!) person, which is a bit silly of course… but I refuse to focus on the negative!

The positive however is, that, no matter with how many people we celebrate, we like to wine and dine. We have already done our research on what to eat on which occasion so I would like to treat you on a sneak preview.

We mainly selected recipes from 4 different cook books:

  • Echt eten (Pascale Naessens): this book will no doubt be translated in English soon as her other cookbooks were a hit!
  • Pascale keuzes – Feestelijk & origineel (Pascale Naessens): this book won’t be translated I guess, as it was a promo last year when buying things at a local supermarket.
  • At home at Highclere – Entertaining at the real Downton Abbey (The Countess of Carnarvan): this book we bought whilst visiting Highclere and it’s been our inspiration for several luncheons and diners we hosted in the past!
  • Christmas at Highclere (The Countess of Carnarvon): we ordered this one online last year as we were so satisfied with the At home at Highclere book.

Roastbeef on Christmas Eve, venison on Christmas day, rack of lamb on New Year’s eve. Can’t wait to taste all the goodies my husband will prepare as he is the chef. If all goes well, I will share the recipes with you!

In the meantime, I wish you all a merry Christmas.

Love, Kathleen

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