Travel: England – Salisbury

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Salisbury is known as ‘the city in the countryside’ as it is surrounded by the loveliest English landscape you can imagine. And as it was on our route from Stonehenge to the little village we stayed in in Dorset, it was the perfect stop to have afternoon tea…

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Holland: Utrecht – St-Martin’s Cathedral

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Today you can read a second post about my daytrip to Utrecht, which my best friend Katrien and I visited a couple of weeks before.

Last week you could read about our visit to the Rietveld-Schröder House (see this post) and today I will tell you a bit more about the Cathedral.

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Germany: Aachen – cathedral

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Today a last travelpost about our holiday to Germany! We only went for a couple of days, but our holiday surely was packed with lovely things. On our way home we stopped in Aachen to have lunch and to have a quick stroll through the city… Read the rest of this entry »