Food: A Highclere Castle Lunch

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When we visited Highclere Castle last year in July (see this post), I bought the most fabulous book in the gift shop: ‘At home at Highclere – Entertaining at the real Downton Abbey’ and for Easter, we made a couple of recipes out of this book. Let me tell you all about that lunch!

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How to… love yourself a little bit more!

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Two years ago I suffered from a burn-out. It took me a lot of months to get completely over it and still I think “it” is still there… lurking around the corner.

One way to fight a burn-out is to make sure you love yourself just that little bit more. I know… that sounds selfish and just a little narcissistic, but believe me… it has got nothing to do with that!! Because let’s be honest… if you can’t love yourself, how the hell will you be able to find the energy to love others?

In today’s post I will give you some tips on how to love yourself a little bit more… read them… it might be worth it!

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