Talks from the heart… How to welcome spring a bit earlier


I am so looking forward to spring… longer days, the sun starts to give a bit of warmth, the trees are blossoming and flowers are blooming everywhere. Since we’ve been having a couple of lovely days lately, I just can’t wait for more…

Indoors you can always welcome spring a bit earlier of course. So today I give you a couple of tips to prepare your house for spring!

1.Clean your windows

Just cleaned my windows… now what about that fab reflection 😀

I must admit… this first tip is definitely the least funny… but it is an effective one! I do not like cleaning at all, but it’s a job that has to be done. In winter I tend to ‘forget’ to clean my windows as you don’t get much honour out of your hard work.

But as soon as the first rays of sun are starting to peep through the windows, you see all the dirt and spots so much clearer… so time to get out bucket and sponge to clean all the winter dirt away! It actually gives a satisfied feeling to have crystal clear windows, I promise 😉

2.Buy some fresh flowers


Nothing like some fresh flowers in the house to welcome spring! Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, a basket filled with bulbs,… I love the colours and smell and it surely  gives me a bit of spring  fever!

3.Buy a couple of spring coloured accessories

Some spring colored accessories spruce up your living room in an instant! Candles, cushion covers, a new vase or lampshade,… Treat yourself and your home to some lovely accessories and you’ll immediately get in the spring spirit!

4.Buy some fragrance sticks with a spring smell


What I like in my house are some fragrance sticks. There are plenty of options, so in spring, buy some with a lovely fresh smell.

When you’re invited to someone’s home, it’s always a good idea to buy them some fragrance sticks as a thank you present!

5.Paint your focal wall in a new colour

If you feel up to it, why not buy a can of paint and paint your focal wall in a funky new colour? Check out the website of Pantone to make sure you’re on trend 😉

Do you know any other tips to bring spring to your home? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen


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