Beauty : Estée Lauder – Perfectly Clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask


Concerning the cleansing products I use for my face, I am quite a loyal lady… I use just a couple of products. In the mornings, after my shower, I use the Vichy Pureté Thermale micellar lotion. I have been using this product ever since I won a bottle of this product in August. In the review I wrote a couple of months ago, you can read what my thougths are on this product.

And in the evening I use Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean multi-action cleansing gelée/refiner. Doing the review on this product, I noticed that there was a similar Estée Lauder product, but combined with a face mask instead of a refiner. So when I noticed that this cleanser was part of a promotion package at my beauty shop, I didn’t hesitate and I bought it.


Apart from the cleanser, the package also included :

  • advanced night repair
  • advanced night repair for the eyes
  • day wear – advanced multi-protection anti-oxidant creme
  • lipgloss

Now I will do reviews later on these products, but today I will tell you more on the Perfectly Clean.

Ever since I bought this package, I have been using this cleanser about once a week. I use the cleanser with the scrub particles more often as that is a full-sized tube (150 ml), whereas this tube contains only 30 ml. As the consistency of this cleanser is more dense than the gelée/refiner, you’ve got to use more product.

You can use this product in two different ways :

  • as a cleanser : you rub a bit of product on your (dry) face and rinse it off with some water
  • as a purifying mask : you put the product on your skin, leave it for just a couple of minutes and rinse it off with some water. This is the way I have been using the cleanser.

This creamy cleanser makes my skin thoroughly clean. It leaves the skin oh so fresh, hydrated and incredibly soft! You cannot believe how soft until you have used this product yourself… I also like the fresh smell. So when this smaller tube is finished, I will certainly buy another (larger) one, to use alternately with my other Perfectly Clean product.

All in all I can say that this product is the perfect addition to my cleansing products!

Which cleanser can you recommend and why? Do tell in the comments below! I am always anxious to get to know more beauty products.

Love, Kathleen

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11 thoughts on “Beauty : Estée Lauder – Perfectly Clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask

  1. Ooooh it sounds gorgeous – I’d really love to up the anti in my own skin care and try a couple of the high end indulgences for once 😉 Knowing me I’d get hooked and raid the bank account though lol Brill post Kathleen, and your photographs are beeeeautiful! so pretty ❤ XXXXX

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    1. Thank you Karen ! Your comment us greatly appreciated😉. Mostly I use cheaper products but at 25 EUR, ok that’s a couple if times more expensive but it’s so good! And the other perf.clean (with the refiner) lasted me a whole year! Love Kathleen

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      1. A whole year? Gosh that’s aaaahmazing – works out at such incredible value for money if it lasts that long!! Always so welcome, my schedule is crazy at the moment so it’s a rare treat to get reading blogs this past few weeks!!! Shall be popping by as regular as I can… hate missing posts!! *sob* Hope you have a lovely week chum XXX

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  2. Hi Kathleen, thank you for the review! I’m gonna get a sample and try it on my (very dry) skin. Recently I have been using The Bodyshop cleansing oil with camomile. I saw it review in a YouTube video and decided to give it a try, also because Bodyshop products are not expensive. I love it! It also takes away my eye makeup and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Xx Carin

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