Today’s quote : happiness

“Whoever is happy, will make others happy too” – Anne Frank

The Westertoren, near the hiding place of Anne Frank. The bells chimed every 15 mins, which soon gave Anne a familiar feeling which comforted her.

Today’s quote is from Anne Frank, a joyous teenager who had to live in miserable circumstances. I’m sure that due to her vivid character, she made life at “Het Achterhuis” (link), the hiding place in Amsterdam she lived in during the second world war, a bit more liveable for the other 7 inhabitants.

Anne Frank would’ve turned 86 today if it weren’t for Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Her diary was one of my favorite novels when I was a teenager. I read it several times and her strong character continued to amaze me. I recently bought the book for my children as I want them to read this piece of history that may never be forgotten !

Love, Kathleen

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