Talks from the heart… traveling

“You get educated by traveling” – Solange Knowles

the end of a long hot day
Traveling… those of you who have been popping by occasionaly on my blog must know by now how much I enjoy traveling…

Traveling means seeing the world… extending your knowledge, getting to know other cultures, other habits… trying out new dishes, speaking other languages… it means broadening your horizons, being open up to all new impulses that come along your way. Traveling equals education…

I love reading about the places we will visit (or I will hope to visit one day) and I can honestly say that traveling has made me who I am today… someone who is eager to learn, someone who wants to know about the sights and habits of a place, someone who is interested in art and culture.

Not long ago I raved on about how I plan my trips and holidays… (as you could read here). I get a kick of triggering others to do the same, to enthuse them about their upcoming trip, to help them in their search for the perfect destination.

Now unfortunately I don’t make many trips… I don’t make long trips… I even haven’t been to that many countries yet. Oh how I wish I had the time and money for it… But still, when going away on a daytrip, a weekendbreak or a holiday, I always get a tiny bit smarter 🙂

Love, Kathleen


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