Beauty ‘n Fashion: MUA – ‘Dusk til dawn’ eyeshadow palette

I’ve already got several eyeshadow palettes, but when I saw this MUA palette lately I just couldn’t resist…

Next to the nude palettes I’ve got (from Essence, Catrice and MUA) I thought it was time for som colour… so when I saw this MUA palette I was sold immediately! Because honestly… have you looked at these stunning colours?! Enough to make dozens of different combinations in my opinion!


Below you can see the different shades on my arm :

Top row : old rose, taupe, white, dusty pink, medium grey and cream


Lower row  : charcoal, purple, navy blue, aqua, light grey and gold




As you can see, all shades are highly pigmented and they have a shiny shimmer to them. There are some strong colours, but there are enough natural shades to soften the look. The eyeshadow lasts really long. If I apply my make-up in the morning, my eyeshadow still sits in place when I come home after work.

Below you see a couple of looks I created with this palette :

Look number 1 : cream and pink












For this look I used three colours from the top row : cream, dusty pink and old rose. As an eyeliner I used the medium grey. This look is really soft and natural and I the pink goes well with my green eyes 🙂

Look number 2 : purple and gold


For this look I used purple, gold and cream as a highlighter. As an eyeliner I used the charcoal shade. I’ve kept the purple quite soft, but you can really build on colour with these shades!

Just below my eyebrows I have used the cream from the top row and as an eyeliner I used the medium grey.

Look number 3 : navy and aqua 


For this look I used white, navy and a bit of aqua. As an eyeliner I used the navy, but to make the colour a bit more intense, I applied it with a wet brush. The aqua gives this look a summery feel!


At only 6 EUR this definitely is a good eyeshadow palette. I love the range of colours and how you can create so many different looks.

What do you think of this palette? Do you like to experiment with colours or do you prefer the nude shades?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about 3 Catrice eyeshadow palettes!

4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: MUA – ‘Dusk til dawn’ eyeshadow palette

    1. Het zijn de kleuren die ik het meest gebruik… Met een accentje van de onderste rij meestal 🙂 Het is echt het perfect palette om mee te nemen op reis vind ik… alle kleurtjes bijeen 🙂 Groetjes!


    1. Ik ben echt super tevreden van de kwaliteit! De kleuren van de onderste rij zijn wel vrij fel, maar je kan ze mooi opbouwen en het minder fel maken ook. I’m one happy girl 🙂 Groetjes, Kathleen

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