Beauty ‘n Fashion: Polkadot pants


Polkadots… don’t you just love them?! So when I was in Zara lately and I saw these dark blue pants with the little white polkadots, I wanted to have them… simple as that 🙂

As I already told you, I don’t feel comfortable anymore showing off my bare legs in summer… So besides wearing midi and maxi dresses and skirts I’ve also been wearing pants… like this one which is covered in polkadots.

Now with these drawstring pants you could have two problems: or they’re way too baggy or they so clingy it gets claustrophobic. But not with these ones I’m happy to say! They are very comfy and wide enough to fit me nicely.

There are so many ways to style these pants, from very posh to extremely casual and everything in between. But as I was wearing these pants on a day which would involve a bit of walking and sightseeing and as it was humid and hot, I decided on the extremely casual way 🙂


And what could be more casual than a Marcel de Bruxelles?! I love this simple white printed top. It’s really comfy and the print makes it funny 🙂

Of course I am wearing Gabor wedge sandals… what else?! These are so old… they are really worn out, but I still wear them regularly as they are… you guessed it… extremely comfy 😀 So of course I had to take them with me on our England trip.

I will definitely wear these pants a lot as I feel comfortable in them. Perfect for work as well if you ask me! Than I will opt for a slightly less casual way of styling, I promise 😉

Love, Kathleen







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