Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cashmere cardigan


During one of the hottest weeks this year I bought a cashmere cardigan… but what to do when you see a 100% cashmere cardigan in the most fabulous colour and at a 50% discount?! Buy it of course… and save it for colder days!

Whilst on holiday this summer, we passed a shop called ‘The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’… not in Edinburgh mind, but in Shaftesbury. They have stores all around the UK and sell classic woollen jumpers and cardigans and more classic stuff. A lot of the clothes are not particularly to my liking, but who can say no to a 100% cashmere cardigan at a 50% discount?!


This cardigan caught my eye because of the stunning colour. I love the warm red and as it is 100% cashmere, the cardigan is super soft, super warm and it feels ever so comfy to wear it.


For today’s outfit I style it with black and white. I love this classic colour combination. To bring out the red even more, I’ve put on my fab red lipstick from Sisley (from this post) and my red earrings.


My black Tamaris ankle boots with the fringes are sassy and I think they go well with this outfit, don’t you?

What do you think of this classic combo? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen





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